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Unlike bees, wasps are carnivorous so for most of the year we don’t see too much of them, however, during summer and autumn they become more active. The hibernating queens wake up and create small nests, laying eggs to formulate their team of workers. They then turn their attention to sweet foods rather than protein, whilst their behaviour is more aggressive, and this could lead to stings if the wasp has been provoked.

If you’re starting to see large numbers of wasps swarming in a particular area of your home or workplace, it’s highly likely there is a nest nearby, whilst it could be located in a shed, garage, workshop, beneath a tree, in a bush or inside a wall cavity. Do not try to remove it yourself, instead call wasp nest removal Essex services. During spring, nests are generally the size of a golf ball, but in summer, they can rapidly grow beyond the size of a beach ball, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible, and that’s where we can help. We’re based in the heart of Colchester with fully trained Essex wasp control experts covering all of the surrounding areas of North Essex, including Tiptree, Lexden, Mersea and Marks Tey, Rowhedge, Fingringhoe, Peldon, Langinghoe, Fordham and Copford.

North Essex Pest Control is not a run on the mill firm of pest control but an organization that in an eco-friendly gives domestic life protection against infestations and shields property deterioration. We know how wasps make life difficult for any shelter with an outdoor extension. Wasp requires effective pest control because these insects sting and people suffers a great deal of agony. To counter this ordeal and make life comfortable, Essex wasp control measure form our sheds are quite necessary and to top it off, very helpful.

There are four kinds of wasps in the entire United Kingdom neighborhood namely the common wasp, the tree wasp, the Norwegian wasp and the German wasp. During the months of summer their colonization maximizes causing great uneasiness in people’s outdoor activities. The wasp infestation aggravates each year as these insects build new nests each year on the patio or in the gutter. The dirtied & abandoned nests attracts others pests. You need expert wasp nest removal Colchester and we can help.

Pest Control North Essex does a thorough cleansing in your living space to free it from wasp infestation mainly caused due to lack of proper garbage disposal, weeding or proximity to wilderness. Our wasp nest removal Colchester is the very best. We follow a strict routine – inspection of the site, expulsion of pest, sanitization, cultural control, spreading awareness and providing of emergency service. We cater pest control services to all and sundry at affordable rates.

Don’t let wasp infestations ruin your summer!

It’s well known that wasps can sting repeatedly, causing pain, swelling and itchiness, but these insects can also pose a much more dangerous hazard if they’re not dealt with by a professional pest control team, especially to individuals who are allergic to their stings, as they may suffer anaphylactic shock – a life threatening condition. During the summer months, their colonisation expands, causing great concern for people in the summer. It’s not uncommon for aggressive wasps to ruin barbecues, picnics or afternoon sessions in the local pub garden! The wasp infestation worsens each year as these insects build new nests, whilst the used and abandoned nests attract others pests – so leaving them alone throughout summer will not always guarantee that your wasp or pest problems will come to an end.

North Essex Pest Control can protect your property, family or customers in the best possible way, whilst we’re accredited by leading organisations, such as PROMPT (Professional Pest Controller Register), Royal Society for Public Health, National Pest Technicians Association, BASIS and Wildlife Aware. We combine our decades of experience with the latest knowledge, utilising cutting-edge equipment for wasp nest removal Essex and help deal with wasp infestations quickly, efficiently and safely.

A guide to identifying wasps in the UK

The UK is home to seven species of wasps, and North Essex Pest Control has decades of experience dealing with these very social, territorial, sugar-loving insects. There are, however, just four main types you’ll likely encounter in North Essex:

Common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris)

Like the name implies, this is the type of wasp that you’re most likely to come across. With yellow and black colouring and three black dots on its face, these wasps are fairly easy to identify. You’ll often find them in spaces that provide warmth and shelter, such a summerhouse, shed, loft or air brick cavity. Common wasps can grow up to 19mm long whilst they live in large colonies and build their nests out of ‘paper’ which is formed by the queen chewing up wood. They are very effective in terms of catching a variety of invertebrates, and this is feed to their larvae. They also love high-energy substances like nectar and rotten fruit – as well as your favourite sugary drinks at picnics!

German wasp (Vespula Germanica)

With colours similar to the common variety, German wasps are a lot bigger, at 13-20mm. You may even mistake the regular worker for a queen wasp, whilst they tend to hide in grey nests, in the same kind of places as common wasps. In addition to being larger than common wasps, they are also much more aggressive. In fact, even a full set of protective gear will not guarantee your safety, so these daunting insects really do need to be dealt with expertly. They are widespread throughout the northern hemisphere and even found in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North America and Argentina. They can sometimes be heard in the garden scraping wood from fence panels, sheds and trees to produce the papery fibre from which they make their nest.

Norwegian wasp (Dolichovespula norwegica)

It was only a few years ago when you could only find this variety in the northern part of the UK. Now they’re also prevalent in the southeast area. They build their nests in trees and shrubs, and these nests can grow so large that they need several branches for support. That said, the nests aren’t always easy to see, and these territorial insects can attack if you come within just a few feet of their nests. For example, there have been many scenarios where gardeners have suffered multiple stings because they’ve stumbled upon their nests. Norwegian wasps have eye-catching black and yellow colour patterns throughout their bodies, whilst their rear section features distinct yellow spotting. From our experience, we’ve found these wasps prefer to build their nests in rural areas, but they are becoming more familiar in urban locations.

Tree wasp (Dolichovespula Sylvestris)

This is the smallest type of wasp in the UK, whilst its colours also resemble the common wasp. This time you’re likely to find them in abandoned rabbit warrens and other similar places, whilst they are also very aggressive, and they can be found throughout Western Europe, and across central Asia to China, whilst they have even been sighted in Northern Africa, yet they prefer temperate climates. Generally, tree wasps are not so interested in foods that are consumed by people, and they do not like to enter buildings, but if they do decide to nest near your property, it’s just as essential to take action quickly and our wasp nest removal Colchester experts can help.

Wasp Removal: Why choose North Essex Pest Control?

Whether you’d like us to investigate your home for a suspected wasps’ nest or require rapid removal of a growing nest in your garden, our wasp nest removal Essex experts work quickly, safely and reliably. We’ve developed an excellent reputation across North Essex, and have received plenty of glowing reviews across the web from our customers, but these are just a few of the reasons why people continue to put their faith in our team for wasp control and pest services:

  • Our dependable team is available 7 days a week.
  • For certain emergency situations in North Essex, we can be at your place within an hour of your phone call.
  • We’re experienced in dealing with all types of pests, with a deep knowledge on wasp species.
  • Even very large infestations can be treated in a single 30-45 minute visit.
  • We put preventative measures in place to reduce the threat of infestations in the future, so you can get back to your every-day tasks with complete peace of mind.
  • Every member of our team is certified and highly trained in protecting residential and commercial properties across North Essex.

Fun facts about wasps:

  • Antarctica is the only continent where wasps are unable to survive.
  • Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly, with their stingers remaining intact.
  • There are over 120,000 species of wasps.
  • The largest social wasp is the Asian giant hornet, known to grow up to 5 centimeters in length.
  • Wasps come in a variety of colours, from yellow to black, blue, green, orange and bright red.
  • The vast majority of wasps play no role in pollination.
  • As summer draws to a close, many wasps die, except for a few new queens.
  • The job of a male wasp (Drone) is to mate with the Queen. After they have fulfilled this crucial task, they die shortly afterward.

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