Pest Control Service In North Essex

You need pest control services and it’s a good thing you’ve found our website. Based in Colchester and serving all the nearby towns & Villages we provide quality and professional pest control services in the area.

Our pest control team is comprised of well-trained and experienced professionals armed with the right knowledge, products and tools to make sure you get rid of pests as quickly as possible.

We serve both commercial and residential clients offering the same level of professionalism every client deserves. Our vehicles are also unmarked and discreet.

We deal with all types of pests, from crawling insects like ants, bed bugs, and fleas on your pets, to flying critters like bees, wasps, and roaches. We can efficiently eliminate rodents like mice and rats as well as moles and squirrels.

We are available 7 days a week, and we can be there fast.

Our results are guaranteed, plus we also offer long term solutions so you won’t have to deal with the same issues again.

Don’t wait. The more you delay, the more you suffer from a pest infestation. The sooner you call us, the quicker you can get rid of your problem. Give us a call today!

Areas We Cover

As we are based in Colchester, Essex (post code is CO2 0EB), we serve the needs of Colchester residents and clients up to 30 miles from colchester  as quickly as possible. If you require urgent assistance, we can be there in no time at all if you’re based in the same general location.
Our customers aren’t really limited to just the residents of Colchester, however. Calls for our services have poured in from neighbouring areas as well, and we have responded to requests for our services in record time.

If you live in the following areas, you may find that our firm may be your best alternative than any local pest control service:

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Pests We Control

We don’t specialize in just a single type of pest. Our expertise covers a wide variety of critters that can cause problems in both commercial and residential areas


The results of their stings can range from swelling to life threatening conditions.

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You may find these animals in your loft, in holes in the walls, and between false walls.

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Most people just find them disgusting. They carry disease and damage property.

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The number of fabric-destroying moths continues to rise in the UK and this is largely due to

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Moles – These animals can damage your yard as they build their tunnels underneath.

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These also spread diseases in their droppings and urine, plus they can be very destructive

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Fleas (Cats and Dogs)

Fleas can come in to your home or to your office when they hitch a ride on your clothes

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These prefer undisturbed storage places, and only a pro can find them all in your home.

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Having bees around that can sting you isn’t exactly fun and they can hurt children.

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Bed Bugs

These can make it very difficult for you to get some good quality sleep.

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These little insects can hang out in gardens, but they can enter homes in search of food crumbs

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