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Squirrels – Pest Control Service – North Essex

This is another animal that movies and cartoons portray as cute and lovable. You’ll change your mind about them, however, when they scurry around and make noise. They also like to chew roof joists and electric cables, which can then result in potential hazards.

You can find these animals in your loft, as well as in wall cavities and between false walls. For nesting materials, they may use roof insulation. They also like chewing items and other materials.

North Essex squirrel control services specialists know how to find the entry point of squirrels and where they hide in your building. We tend to prefer using humane methods to get rid of squirrels. These methods tend to recover the body to confirm that it worked. Poison tends to act more slowly, and sometimes the body isn’t recovered right away. You also don’t want to live trap grey squirrels and release them in the wild, as that’s illegal.

If you have a squirrel problem, just call squirrel control services North Essex instead. We have the experience necessary to deal with them effectively and quickly. We also make sure that our methods are perfectly legal and safe.