Mole Pest Control

Moles – Pest Control Service in North Essex

Moles can damage your yard at an alarming rate. They can dig surface tunnels and deep tunnels, at a rate of 18 feet per hour. Your lawn may have lots of mounds of dirt because these moles can dig tunnels 5 feet underground, or even just 2 inches beneath the surface.

Hardware stores may offer to sell traps designed for moles, but they can be problematic. The spear-type trap can be dangerous for children if they happen to come upon the traps. Other traps may be a bit tricky to set up. Picking the right trap can also be difficult as some aren’t safe or effective at all.

Homeowners tend to fail to catch moles because they put the trap in the wrong places. Also, a single trap isn’t enough. More traps are required, and they have to be placed in the traveling tunnels. Mole tunnels are annoying yard issue for homeowners, but it can be easily fixed with the help of mole control Colchester experts.

Moles also like your yard because they live on earthworms. It’s not a good idea to eradicate these worms, since they’re so beneficial for your lawn.

If you have a mole infestation problem, let the mole control Colchester pros handle the issue. We can make sure that the right traps are used, and that they’re placed in the right areas for maximum effectiveness.