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Mice may seem cute in the movies, but they’re terrible in your home or workplace. They like buildings for the warmth and shelter for nesting sites, and they also prefer places with readily available food. That’s why they like homes so much. Mice are notorious little creatures for infesting homes and buildings as they can slip through the smallest of entry points. You would want to get rid of them quickly and mice control Essex can help.

Once you have a pair of them inside your home, you have a major problem. One pair can produce 8 litters each year, and each litter is about 16 little mice. Do the math and you can understand the extent of this disaster. The little mice don’t stay little either. They’re sexually mature after just 8 to 10 weeks. As experts in mice control Essex, we provide quick and effective services to help your property stay mice-free.

Mice don’t just consume food, but they also contaminate food and lots of place they crawl on. They urinate almost constantly, and they shed about 70 droppings within a single day.

Baiting them can be problematic, because they don’t usually come back to the same food source repeatedly. They tend to nibble at many food sources instead.
So, if you’re having trouble with mice, your best bet is to call mice control Essex specialist. We can use lots of little baits spread out over your location, and we know where to put them. It will require several visits to make sure they’re gone, but we can guarantee that we can get rid of them and setup up measures to keep them from coming back.

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