Cockroaches – Pest Control Service in North Essex

It’s quite understandable if you’d rather not have cockroaches in your home. Even the mere thought of them can be rather disturbing. They can also spread disease that can harm humans.

In the UK there are 2 commonly found types of cockroaches. One is the German cockroach, which tend to prefer warm and humid conditions. However, they’re rather resistant to cold weather. In very warm environments like the heating systems of large buildings, the breeding rate can be horrific.

You will find these insects in kitchens, as well as laundries and bakeries. They can come from gardens, or get in through second hand electrical appliances and infested foodstuffs. They need water, but they can basically eat anything that can provide calories.

The other type of roach is the Oriental cockroach and this is a bit bigger. You can also find them in places that the Germ type likes, though they tend to really like older buildings. These tend to get and spread through service ducts.

The Oriental is somewhat more difficult to get rid of, and that’s because they have egg cases that are highly resistant to pesticides. However, a pro can get rid of them using several treatments.

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