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Let’s first clarify if the bees in your property are actually a pest. If it’s a bumble bee in your garden, then it’s not really a problem at all. They nest outdoors, and they are not aggressive. Just don’t try to destroy the nest, and they won’t sting you.

Other types may pose a risk, however. Some bees leave their old nests behind to establish a new colony. They’re not really a problem if they stay for a few days in your yard before they move on. Just don’t approach them. But if you are scared of bee stings, you can call us, we provide bee nest removal Essex services and will capture them alive.

The real problem is if you have a swarm of bees that find their permanent base inside your home or building. They tend to like wall cavities and chimneys, and if they establish their nests in these places they will have to be destroyed. They can produce honey that if left ignored can lead to structural damage to the building. Some chimneys have collapsed under the sheer weight of these nests.

Just call North Essex Pest Control if you find a large swarm of bees inside your home or workplace. It is better that you call us rather than deal with the problem yourself. You can avoid getting stung, as we can deal with the issue properly and offer safe bee nest removal Essex services.

Bees are very important part of our lives. The produce of apiculture is the base for many livelihood and to an extent, part of the greater economy. But not all bees are economic. Bumble bees in the gardens are useful while the swarm bees are most detrimental & harmful kind of pests. To educate the people of the nature of bees and to pest control harmful bees in your home or office, North Essex Pest Control has delved into this genre to initiate an endeavor for presenting people with a safe and healthy living.

Swarming bees sting hard and could be fatal. Bee hives are very dangerous if attacked. The bees tend to create a new nest every year. Since the nests are built in wall crevices or in chimney vents, excessive volume actually deteriorates the building structure. Moreover, the honey in the bee nest attracts more pests to the garden. North Essex Pest Control is very well versed with all the condition and through well-hatched plan and expert skills we provide complete bee nest removal Essex solutions to every living space at reasonable pricing. With our superlative bee nest removal Essex service, the gardens of Essex will be even safer and greener. Our approach is very eco-friendly because in spite of being a pest, bees are also a very essential social insect.

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