What to do when you find a wasps nest

Have you found a wasp nest in your property? As the summer months begin approaching, many of us will start seeing more insects flying around but if you have spotted any of the signs of a wasp nest in Colchester then you might be wondering what to do next.

Early recognition of the problem is always the best option for a swift removal. Queen wasps typically start to emerge during the spring and by the time we hit the summer, they are producing over 300 eggs every single day – seeing the nest get bigger and bigger!

When you first notice a nest, it can be quite alarming – wasps are known for their nasty stings. However, the good news they are not predatory and will only usually attack if they are threatened. The problem with this is when they do go into attack mode they release a special pheromone that attracts other colony members so if you do spot a wasp nest, it is important you stay clear and do not distress them.

 If you have been stung, then you will likely just feel some pain alongside minor swelling and redness – however, some people are allergic which can be an immediate threat to life. If you’re sensitive to wasp stings, or someone you know is, and appear to be going to anaphylaxis shock then call 999 urgently.

Although wasp nests start small, they can grow quite large – with the world record measuring an incredible 3.7 metres high! The bigger the nest and the longer you leave it, the more aggressive the colony will be when it comes to removing the nest, so as soon as you spot the signs of a wasps nest in your Colchester property get in touch with the experts today to safely and securely remove it.

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