How to get rid of a Wasp Nest

Have you noticed a wasp nest in your property? Having one in your home or place of work is not a pleasant experience for you, your family, or colleagues. If you have found one, you will be looking for the best wasp nest removal services you can find.

We always recommend that wasp nest removal in Colchester is carried out by the professionals. If you are thinking of undertaking this yourself then there are some things you should keep in mind;

  • Always ensure that you are wearing full protection when near the nest. This should include long sleeves, trousers, eye protection, and if possible something to cover your face.
  • No matter the chemical or insecticide you are using, make sure you are following the instructions closely. You should also ensure you are using the right type of pesticide – otherwise, you could just end up angering the wasps and not removing them!
  • Carefully apply the pesticide to the nest – this is easier in those that are located in a bush or on the ground, but for those located in the loft or higher up can be more difficult and should probably be left to the pest control experts.
  • If you are undertaking the task yourself, be prepared should something goes wrong. Removing a wasp’s nest is a tricky task so make sure that you have a clear exit route outside and a first aid kit at hand.
  • Keep your pets and children clear of the nest when you are removing it as this will keep them safe from the chemicals being used and any angry wasps too.
  • Avoid using flashlights as much as possible, wasps are attracted to the light and it will only aggravate them further.
When to call the experts

Removing a wasp nest is a difficult task and if you do not want to risk it yourself or you want to ensure that the nest and wasps have been fully removed, then get in touch with a professional pest removal service. At North Essex Pest Control we can safely and securely remove your wasp nests, offering a seven day a week service across Colchester and North Essex. We even offer 24-hour emergency service if you need the pests removed as soon as possible.