Everything you need to know about wasps and nests

Having a wasp nest in your property is no fun and having dozens of wasps flying around your garden can prevent you and your family from enjoying the summer sun. If you have found a wasp nest in your Colchester home or business, then you might be wondering whether it is worth removing it or simply let it naturally disappear. However, with each nest being home to anywhere from 5,000 wasps up to 10,000 you should remove them as fast as possible.

A wasp nest is formed by a young queen in the springtime when any surviving wasps will come out of hibernation and start building their new nest. They typically choose a sheltered position and once established she will begin to lay eggs. As these eggs hatch and the wasps grow, they continue to build and expand the nest.

Where do you normally find them?

Wasp nests can be found anywhere in the UK and they are typically found in easily accessed and sheltered spaces. We have provided wasp nest removal services in Colchester for a number of years and the most common areas we find include:

  • Lofts
  • Guttering
  • Air bricks
  • Garden Sheds
  • Garages
  • Tree stumps
  • Bushes

How long do wasps live for?

Queen wasps will go into hibernation over the winter months but during the summer month’s worker wasps will typically live for a few weeks individually. The nest will continue in a cycle of giving birth to new worker wasps throughout the summer until food begins to run out and the colder weather makes it harder to survive.

How to remove wasps from your home

If you have noticed the signs of a wasp nest in your property, the faster you act the quicker you can get back to enjoying your garden in peace. Our highly experienced team has been one of the leading wasp nest removal services in Colchester. With a full seven day a week service, we can help you to quickly and securely remove wasp nests from your home whenever you need us. Get in touch today to find out more.