Top 5 pests to look out for this summer

The summer is almost upon us and whilst that means enjoying lots of BBQs in your garden, it does also mean a rise in pests and insects looking to set up home in your property. This is an incredibly annoying time but alongside that, they can also pose health risks to your family and customers.

With the weather already warming up, we have taken a look at the five most common pests you will be facing in Colchester this summer…

1) Ants

A common pest for homeowners and restaurant owners across the country, an ant infestation can be a real nuisance. Typically, the infestation will be based around the kitchen and sources of food so reduce the likelihood by keeping your food securely stored and surfaces clean.

2) Wasps

The summer months are prime time for wasps and these aggressive pests can lead to you and your family being stung if the wasp feels provoked. If you have spotted a nest in your property, don’t try tackling the removal yourself – call in the professionals who can safely and swiftly remove them.

3) Rats

Rats are a big health risk and are one of the fastest-growing and most invasive pests in existence. Chances are, if you are already seeing rats during the daytime, then there is already quite a substantial nest in the vicinity so call the pest control experts to safely and quickly remove them.

4) Cockroaches

Cockroaches help to spread diseases to humans and the very thought of them in your property scare people. They love warm environments and are incredibly quick to breed, which makes them very tough to remove. If you spot signs of an infestation, call your local pest control experts as soon as possible.

5) Moths

Another common pest that you might be experiencing over the coming months is a moth infestation. Although not a major health concern, they quickly destroy natural fabrics, which puts your clothes, upholstery, and carpets at risk. Utilising a pest control service in Colchester will help to remove the infestation and install measures to prevent them from returning.

Here at North Essex Pest Control, we are one of the leading pest removal companies in Colchester and have been helping commercial and residential property owners safely and securely remove infestations.

If you have noticed an infestation, don’t waste time and get in touch today.