Top signs you have a mouse or rat infestation

Have you seen something moving in the shadows? Noticed some droppings near your cupboards? Chances are that you are sharing your home with an infestation of rats or mice and you need pest control services in Colchester. Spotting these rodents around your home at night is often a sign that the infestation is not yet too bad and can be controlled with traps but regular daytime visits suggest the size could be on the rise and it’s time to call in the professionals.

There are some additional signs that you have an infestation, including:


Fresh droppings that are dark and moist are a clear sign that there is vermin living in your property. These will most likely be found near your food packages and in drawers and cupboards so keep your eyes out around these key areas.

Gnaw marks

Another clear sign that you might be facing a mouse or rat infestation is gnaw marks on your food packaging or skirting boards. Larger gnaw marks are an indication of rats whilst the smaller ones are likely indicative of the smaller teeth of mice.

Strange smell

An active infestation of mice or rats often gives off a foul odour that can be smelt in the main focal point of the nest. Equally, you might find that your pet cat or dog is showing a particular interest in a certain area as they’re sense of smell is far superior to ours.

Movement marks

Rats and mice like to keep close to your skirting boards and walls, so one way to check for an infestation is to look along these areas for movement marks. Shining a torch at an angle along these areas you can usually spot smudge marks, footprints, and urine stains. If you want to be certain, try dusting the area with flour to show up the footprints of regular movement.

Finding a nest

A clear sign of an infestation is finding a nest. Rats and mice love to use shredded paper, fabric and similar materials to build a nest; so finding a bundle of these is an indication that you have a problem. Spotted any of these signs? Then it is time to call in the professionals. We are one of the leading pest control services in Colchester and the surrounding area – so if you are looking for pest removal, get in touch with our experienced team today.